Long term archiving without compromise



Archiving is different from a backup so we designed MAUD with that in mind. While other solutions focus on features and performance, MAUD is driven by simplicity, robustness and transparency.


We perform regular integrity checks of the content and monitor hardware metrics to maximise long term accessibility for future generations. While conventional systems undergo critical recovery or rebuild phases, MAUD is designed to deal with failure under normal working conditions without impacting operations.




High scalability and performance


MAUD is driven by your data! There’s no database and no single point of failure. Archived content is accessible at all times. You can connect any disk to a computer and read your files.

We chose disk as a storage medium for its wide availability, flexibility and easy access. No need for robots, external tape drives, or third party software to make it work. The system is operational starting with only a single unit and three drives. As your archive grows, MAUD canscale to any size and the more drives and units you have, the faster and more resilient it becomes.

Nobody likes obsolescence, but hardware inevitably fails. So we support the use of commodity hardware which is easily accessible to anyone. We designed MAUD to work flawlessly with disks of mixed brands, capacities, hardware and software versions.


And because you’re free to use any SATA disk you want, you can even reuse old disks from a server upgrade, effectively increasing your archive capacity for free without compromising data integrity.




Easy to use



MAUD operates like a single very large disk. You can organise your files as you like, without worrying about volumes or disk capacity. Simply connect more disks to see your storage increase.

Behind the scenes MAUD distributes and replicates your files to multiple disks without chopping them into pieces. Replication makes the archive highly resilient and self-healing.  As we understand that cloud storage may not be your thing,  you decide where units are physically installed, on-site, at a data center – wherever you want.





Storing and retrieving can be optimized in batches for fast, smooth and uninterrupted operation at the maximum network speed. MAUD comes with an I/O software package and a very user friendly interface. Plug-ins will be available as well as an Open Source direct control API.